Are you finding it hard to make a routine appointment?

In the month of May we had 205 missed appointments. If you are unable to keep any appointment please contact reception and cancel the appointment and allow someone else to be seen.

Sick Leave

Sickness Certificates

You do not require a doctor's sick line for any illness lasting

seven days or less. 

Your employer may ask for a self-certificate which can be got at the unemployment office or on the HMRC website.

Sick Lines

If you are sick for more than seven days you will need a sick line from your GP. The GP will need to either see you or speak to you by telephone. 

It is the GP who decides how long you need to be off work. 

When you are able to go back to work you don't need a signing off line as the sick lines give you your back to work.

Employee's statement of sickness.

Click on link above - return   

In search bar enter SC2 - return

Scroll down to Statutory Sick Pay: Employee's Statement of Sickness SC2 -return

Scroll down to Employee's Statement of Sickness (SC2)-return

Print form.  


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